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Inmate Program Reviews in Federal Prison

By Christopher Zoukis The Federal Bureau of Prisons employs a wide variety of methods to create and maintain personal files on an inmate population of approximately 187,000 individuals. Some of the data contained in each file is static and is gathered from sources such as an inmate’s Pre-Sentence Investigative Report (PSR), Judgment and Commitment (J&C) […]

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Why We Must Defend Free Speech

Does the First Amendment need a rewrite in the era of Donald Trump? Should the rise of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups lead us to cut back the protection afforded to speech that expresses hatred and advocates violence, or otherwise undermines equality? If free speech exacerbates inequality, why doesn’t equality, also protected by the Constitution, […]

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BOP Urged to Understand, Control Health Costs

By Christopher Zoukis The Federal Bureau of Prisons should improve its analysis of skyrocketing health care costs for federal prisons, the Government Accountability Organization (GAO) says in a recently released report. The report indicated costs rose about 36% on a per-capita basis between 2009 to 2016. GAO urged BOP to identify the main causes, and […]

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