News and Resources for Prisoners and their Families

‘It’s as if we’re in the circle with everyone else’: Starred Up’s screenwriter on prison doc The Work

Three volunteers from the outside world – Charles, a bartender; Chris, a museum associate; and Brian, a teaching assistant – enter New Folsom Prison in California. They are there, along with other visitors, to experience and engage in group therapy over a “four-day intensive” with prisoners serving long sentences for violent and/or gang-related crime. Their […]

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The Minneapolis Police Department Is Finally Sharing Data on Police Stops. Other Departments Should Follow.

Unlike most police departments nationwide, the Minneapolis Police Department has taken an important step toward becoming more transparent and accountable to the communities it serves. On August 9, it launched a new online data portal that allows the public to access raw data from certain stops, including suspicious person and traffic stops, that officers make. The […]

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