News and Resources for Prisoners and their Families

Serving Sarah Sanders

A Virginia restaurant’s decision over the weekend to refuse to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders has many conservatives rightly riled up. To turn away a paying customer because she is Donald Trump’s press secretary flouts not only rules of civility, but an essential premise of an open society: that public spaces and public businesses should be […]

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“Making a Murderer” Defendant Asks Supreme Court to Undo Conviction

By Christopher Zoukis The younger defendant convicted of crimes covered in the hugely popular 2015 Netflix documentary series, “Making a Murderer,” has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse his conviction, arguing police coerced him into making false confessions. Dassey’s uncle, Steven Avery, is serving a life sentence without possibility of parole for the 2005 […]

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Over 150,000 People Tell Amazon: Stop Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Police

On Monday afternoon, civil rights, religious, and community organizations are taking their demand that Amazon stop providing face surveillance technology to governments, including police departments, to the company’s headquarters in Seattle. The groups will deliver over 150,000 petition signatures, a coalition letter signed by nearly 70 organizations representing communities nationwide, and a letter from Amazon shareholders. Monday’s action […]

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Pre-release: I See My Basic Goodness

In a Path of Freedom class for women at the Barnstable Correctional Facility in Massachusetts, one participant shared inspiring words. After attending the class for many months and developing a strong, steady practice, she will be released next week: I think sometimes people forget they have choices in life. Yes, you may have had a […]

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Can Mindfulness Reduce School Violence?

A recent article from Pittsburgh illustrates the benefits of our mindfulness-based emotional intelligence curriculum. Under the leadership of former teacher Executive Director Stephanie Romero, Awaken Pittsburgh has offered the Path of Freedom curriculum with two groups of students in an inner city school. The Path of Freedom is most commonly taught in prisons and jails, […]

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