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Finding College by Way of Prison

In the first “Spiderman” movie, Peter Parker wasn’t ready to be Spiderman. He didn’t want to use his powers for good. He chose not to stop a robbery, and later, the same robber shot his uncle in a carjacking. We have the power to rehabilitate and educate. Education is empowering. But the system is like […]

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Long-eared and Whiskered!

Two Thirds of Britain’s Bat Species can be found at Bodmin Jail. Fittingly, for an old building steeped in history, Bodmin Jail is much loved by bats.Of the 17 resident bat species in Britain, Bodmin Jail is home to seven of these (Common Pipistrelle, Brown Long-eared, Lesser Horseshoe, Greater Horseshoe, Whiskered, Daubenton’s and Natterer’s).An additional […]

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