News and Resources for Prisoners and their Families

The Four Essentials of a Goth Wedding

The Goth subculture began in England during the early 1980s as an offshoot of the Gothic rock and post-punk music genres. Its signature dark, mysterious and dramatic aesthetics takes inspiration from 12th Century Gothic art and architecture, as well as 19th Century Gothic literature and horror films. Today, Goth weddings are becoming a more popular choice for […]

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Path of Freedom: July Reports from the Field

  The following quotations were gathered from facilitators offering the Path of Freedom (POF) curriculum around the U.S.. This month’s collection highlights the benefits reported by participants. Their comments show how they look forward to attend and apply POF practices in their daily lives. They believe the skills they learn, such as reducing stress, compliment […]

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The Family Separation Crisis Exposes America’s Addiction to Incarceration

The continuing cruelty on display at our southern border has unleashed a righteous, primal scream of revulsion from Americans across the ideological spectrum. The outrage, plus a successful ACLU legal effort in San Diego, seems to have helped turn the tide toward family reunification. However, the common refrain seems to be, “This is not who we are,” as […]

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