News and Resources for Prisoners and their Families

NEW Meal Deals for March

Although the main gates are locked at around 11.30 p.m., we cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of valuable items left in vehicles on the premises. This entire web site is for general information and illustration only. No part of it constitutes an offer or contract. Nothing is binding on any party. Any product […]

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Think prison abolition in America is impossible? It once felt inevitable | Joshua Dubler and Vincent Lloyd

With amazing speed, ending mass incarceration has become a priority not only for leftists but also for centrists and even for some on the right. Jared Kushner recently classed prisoners with other “forgotten men and women” championed by Donald Trump. But none of the reforms on the table will actually end mass incarceration. Even if […]

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Testimony to the Builder

As rays of sunlight pierce the broken glass of the cell windows and casttheir warming light deep into the derelict cells, you can’t help but think ofthe men that did time in those four cells ripped apart by the demolitionblast of 1930. One can’t help but also admire the work of the builders who,some 160 […]

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What’s NEW at the Jail for 2018?

The on-going development of the Jail site has enabled us to add more features to enhance our visitor experience – this month we have introduced: Ghost Walks – every Wednesday night from 8.30pm to the witching hour… take a guided walk through Bodmin Town to view key points & buildings, and hear all about their historical & paranormal links with the Jail, […]

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