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Jeff Sessions Leaves a Dark Mark on the Justice Department

Under almost any other circumstances, the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be a moment for dancing in the streets. Sessions oversaw a Justice Department that systematically undermined civil liberties and civil rights. But his departure portends no improvement on these fronts. And the fact that President Trump fired him, notwithstanding his faithful advancement of […]

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Cornwall Tourism Awards

Although the main gates are locked at around 11.30 p.m., we cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of valuable items left in vehicles on the premises. This entire web site is for general information and illustration only. No part of it constitutes an offer or contract. Nothing is binding on any party. Any product […]

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The Pittsburgh Shooting Was an Attack on a Minority, not a Sign of ‘Anti-Religiosity’

This past weekend’s mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh was unspeakable, but unfortunately not unimaginable. Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States by some counts increased by 57 percent last year, the largest surge in nearly four decades of tracking. The FBI’s most recent reports show that the number of overall hate crimes increased for […]

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Ohio’s Congressional Map is Broken. Here Are 3 Ways to Fix It.

As Ohio voters head to the polls next week, many will struggle to overcome congressional districts that have allowed politicians to choose their voters instead of the other way around.  Thanks to an aggressive redistricting operation, Ohio’s current congressional map, enacted in December 2011, is gerrymandered to lock in a 12-to-4 district advantage for Republican […]

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